Cosmetics classification

Cosmetics classification Usually when people mention cosmetics, they think of whitening beauty, moisturizing and wrinkle-removing. In fact, the classification of cosmetics can be said to be really very wide, not only for human skin, but also for hair, body odor, … Continue reading →

Common raw materials for cosmetics

What are the common raw materials for cosmetics? In fact, the common raw materials for cosmetics are raw materials and functional raw materials to make Detergent Bottles Packaging: Which are the raw materials for cosmetics? Remember the popular online test … Continue reading →

What is LLDPE resin and what is its use?

Since the molecular structures of LLDPE and LDPE are significantly different, the performance is also different. Compared with LDPE, LLDPE has excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking and electrical insulation, high heat resistance, impact and puncture resistance. Production Process The … Continue reading →

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